What is a Smokerlyzer®?


Smokerlyzer is the trade name for the trusted worldwide line of Breath Carbon Monoxide (CO) monitors and testers....

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The resources page is a one stop destination for educating yourself on the use of all of our products.

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Contact Us

Please contact us with any product or service questions.  We will respond back with in 24 hours.

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Welcome to coVita.
tools for treatment professionals

coVita is a partner and sole source representative for Bedfont Scientific products and accessories in the USA.  coVita brings together numerous talented and skilled individuals from diverse backgrounds including former members of Bedfont Scientific USA.  coVita is a destination and resource for tools for leading institutions and individuals like treatment professionals, researchers, physicians, wellness coaches, Gastroenterologists, as well as many others.  Our current product offerings center around three categories – carbon monoxide (CO) monitoring devices used by treatment professionals to help smokers stop smoking as well as in tobacco prevention education.  Breath monitoring devices used by hospital emergency departments, fire, paramedic and EMS services to screen individuals for exposure to carbon monoxide – a deadly byproduct of combustion.  And breath monitors for use by Gastroenterologists to screen for various gastrointestinal issues.   Read More »


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