Helping people to stop smoking, one breath at a time.

carbon monoxide (CO) personal breath analysis monitors iCO™ Smokerlyzer®



for use with smartphone or tablet
iCO™ Smokerlyzer® Overview

The world’s first Smokerlyzer® breath CO monitor for use with your smartphone and tablet.

  • Based on over 35 years of scientific research in smoking cessation and tobacco research
  • A professional grade monitor that fits in the palm of your hand and can travel with you throughout the day
  • Connect to a Smokerlyzer app or any support app from the Apple iOS App Store or Google Play Android App Store.
  • Immediately receive your personal CO level immediately from a simple breath test. This CO reading correlates to your personal smoking habit and nicotine dependence
  • Very similar to what a scale is to trying to lose weight the iCO™ Smokerlyzer acts as a virtual support person and allows you to track your progress and encourages you to quit smoking and stay smoke free for life
  • Ability to track your results or share your results with your doctor, smoking cessation advisor, family member or friend

Helping you to stop smoking one breath at a time.



Simple Testing Process

Any one can conduct the breath test and it's as simple as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5!

Results appear instantly from a non-invasive breath test.

Take a deep breath

Hold breath for 15 seconds

Exhale into Smokerlyzer®

Readings instantly appear on phone or tablet screen

Results explained and progress charted.  Option to share results.

iCO™ Smokerlyzer® Overview Video


  • The Smokerlyzer® app is an aid to help people stop smoking, one breath at a time.
  • Stopping smoking is hard and due to withdrawal from nicotine you can often feel less healthy during your attempt, but with Smokerlyzer® you can instantly see the level of poisonous Carbon Monoxide (CO) leaving your body with a single breath.
  • Whether you are attempting to quit smoking for good, simply cut back or motivate a loved one, monitoring CO levels with the Smokerlyzer® app will help you accurately track and manage your smoking throughout the quitting process so that you can set and achieve attainable goals. You’ll use it very much like you would use a set of scales if you were trying to lose weight. The less you smoke, the lower your reading, the healthier you are!
  • Share your results - Email your results daily to friends/family/health professionals who can help motivate you to stay on track in your attempt to stop smoking.
  • Track your progress - our simple graph will help you track your progress over time, your aim is to get into the green and stay there.
  • Motivation - CO breath monitoring is a proven motivational aid that has been helping people to stop smoking for 30 years.

Product Specifications

  • Concentration Range | 0-100ppm
  • Sensitivity | Results in individual 1ppm increments
  • 1 Forms of Biofeedback (automatically calculated*) on the Smokerlyzer App:
    • PPM* - CO in the lungs
  • Display | Uses smartphone or tablet for full interactive large color touch-screen
    • Incorporates Familiar Traffic Light System
      (Red, Amber, & Green) for ease of interpreting & motivation
  • Software | Includes Smokerlyzer app and more partners are being added to both the Apple iOS App Store and Google Play Android App Store
  • Warranty | 6 month warranty on monitor and sensor
  • Operating Life | Approximately 200 tests / 3 years (whichever comes first)
  • Includes award winning lifetime support, training and service
  • Construction | Polycarbonate/ABS Blend
  • Dimensions | 28mm diameter X 115mm long
  • Weight | 35g
iCO™ Smokerlyzer® App Software Overview
iCO™ Smokerlyzer® App for iOS and Android
iCO™ Smokerlyzer® Images
iCO+™ Smokerlyzer® Videos
iCO™ Smokerlyzer® Purchase

iCO Personal Smartphone Smokerlyzer
$59.99 ea. |  Item:  ico

  • Includes iCO Personal Smartphone Smokerlyzer, carrying case, cable, quick-start guide
  • Choice of free iOS or Android Smokerlyzer App.  New and exciting application partners are being added in the near future
  • Includes lifetime telephone support & online training courses.


iCO™ Smokerlyzer® Accessories

Alcohol Free Wipes

coVita alcohol-free cleansing wipes are specifically engineered to be used for the cleaning of coVita | Bedfont monitors and accessories. coVita wipes were developed to be alcohol-free because alcohol will interfere with the sensor.  We recommend this product for anyone handling the monitor to assure the highest level of infection control.  Effective against 99.999% of Germs, Spores, Bacteria, and Fungi.  Tested against H5N1 Avian Flu and H1N1 Swine Flu.

NEVER USE cleansing products containing alcohol or other cleaning agents or solvents around your monitor.


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Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizer

coVita hand sanitizer was designed to safely and gently cleanse your hands and because its engineered to be alcohol-free, it won't interfere with your monitor's sensor or accessories.  We recommend this product for anyone handling the monitor to assure the highest level of infection control.  Kills 99.99% of Germs, Bacteria, & Fungi without drying your skin.  Also, conditions with Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, and Green Tea Extract.   Fragrance Free.

NEVER USE cleansing products containing alcohol or other cleaning agents or solvents around your monitor.


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Our products have been used by a wide range of people, from the average person to celebrities like Princess Diana.  Additionally, our products have been featured on many television shows and newscasts.  Our products are the most often cited brand out of any manufacturer for research and investigative works.


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coVita is a partner and sole source representative for Bedfont Scientific breath analysis products and accessories for the USA and Canada.  We are the market leaders in breath monitoring for medical applications, fire/EMS, wellness, education and research.

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